mines wellness city map

Mines Wellness City (formerly known as Mines Resort City), is an integrated Health and Wellness resort city in Malaysia and is both an expansion and transformation of the current Mines Resort City. Spanning a total of 1,000 acres, the RM 2.5 billion development (current GDV) is located a mere 15 minutes from the bustling metropolitan of Kuala Lumpur. Mines Wellness City consists of Palace of the Golden Horses, Mines Wellness Hotel, Golden Horses Health Sanctuary, The Mines Shopping Centre, Mines Waterfront Business Park, Mines Resort & Golf Club and Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre.

By the year 2020, the City is envisioned to be a RM 5.5 billion development, playing a central role in tourism and becoming the foremost wellness destination in the country. The expansion of the city is part of the government’s Economic Transformation Plan (ETP) which is spearheaded by PEMANDU (Performance Management and Delivery Unit), under the Prime Minister’s Department. The development of Mines Wellness City will lead and contribute to increased economic activity, job opportunities and GNI.

Mines Wellness City showcases the company’s legendary transformation of a derelict tin mine, devoid of economic and social value, to an internationally-acclaimed venue that showcases superior wellness facilities and practices.

The development of the City is in line with Country Height’s core belief, "Ever Searching for Better Living." The City is an embodiment of this corporate philosophy and will become its platform to propagate the importance of preventive health care and a balanced lifestyle towards building a healthy community, fulfilling a vision of well-being for all.

Nestled around a 150-acre lake in Kuala Lumpur, Mines Wellness City is a green sanctuary for local and foreign health tourists who seek to enhance their physical and mental health in a holistic environment. The city serves as a one-stop destination showcasing facilities which integrates and uphold the propagation of Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS), a central hub for LOHAS where people, businesses and networks are connected together in a single city.

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